About me

Carving shadows & lights.
A creative process. 🙂

You have so much talent my friend, the colours, your eye, the movements you are capturing… Magnifique!

Léolane Kemner

A photographer

Photography is an expressive process which immortalizes our most precious memories.

The importance one moment has varies from one person to another: for some, simply a child’s smile, others, a night to remember, either a graduation or just a walk in the park.

A photographer captures these moments through the light flowing from them. The artist, allows this light to express itself, to tell the story. Sent, sounds, tastes are difficult to memorize, but all leave in our memory an ever lasting mark awaken by these captured moments.

He is an attentive photographer, very professional and with an intelligent humour knew how to ease this first time for me in front of a camera.

Marie-Julie Plasse

Each photographer walks a different road to uniquely express this creative mind.

“I keep saying light is a caress and our horizons merge into its purity. And I capture those moments where these horizons touch the beauty of a stare.”

My history

Apparence is the wizard of time...

After a rather long time as a computer developper, the artistic aspect and its creative expression of photography woke once again in me, sleeping inside for many years.

I’m a nature and life lover. The frailty of a flower can be  found through a child’s laughter just like the beauty of life can be felt through a stare.

I have a very personalized approach to photography . A photo  session is for me a friendliness moment in time – a shared moment between accomplices; the photographer and the  subject. The boxed pictures do not allow to capture these special and lively moments, their emotions. My goal is to listen to you and YOUR needs and aspirations and make your experience and resulting pictures a reflection of you.

Contact me, it’ll be my pleasure to discuss with you about your project and together, we’ll prepare it according to your requirements and aspirations.

Whether it’s for a wedding, an important event in your life, a birth, an anniversary, graduation, etc., it’s with pleasure that I’ll do my best to help you memorize these moments.  I offer, besides capturing the pictures, products that give life and value to these moments and even embellish you daily life: enlargements, frames, canevas, albums are all customizable products produced to your liking using your pictures. So, just ask me what is available to you.

Thank you and happy to work for you  !