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Des informations utiles pour les clients autant de mariage que pour de simple portrait et même pour les clients corporatif.

Project : Freedom (Eng version)

Lately, I had the chance to work with a very talented model from the Toronto area. There was no specific concept at the beginning except the desire to work together on something. Hence, we had to come up with something in a rather short period and most of all with modest means, budget and accessories hahaha !

The concept I had in mind had multiple scenes.  But the lack of time prevented us from completing all of them. And most importantly, we could not realize the last scene; the conclusion.

So I contacted a local model to help me complete the project. This is why there is a discrepancy in the sequence, having 2 models to represent the evolution. However, the underlying message keeps all of its meaning.  

The idea behind this concept is two-fold. I wanted to represent the weight that sometimes life has in relation with our presence in society and where we lose our identity, our freedom of movement and thoughts. We often feel nude and helpless, as if constantly being observed and judged from every horizons. Or feeling lonesome within this multitude; within a heavy mass of emptiness. We thus need to evolve from there and find our own essence, our light, our garden.

When found, a feeling of lightness, a breath of fresh air as a Sun setting on a warm and fresh field. Finally, freedom of being, of space and freedom to evolve. 

Here are the 2 images illustrating this concept. Each image has a little caption depicting in nicer words the description above.

I want to extend my sincere thanks to my collaborators and their kindness and professionalism. This was a fulfilling experience and a revealing trip within one self.